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Here is some old content that used to occupy this space...

And if you want a reaaaaall throwback, I kept a copy of my old old site from back in 20- *ahem* a while ago.



Do you like chill music, good company, and shots on shots on shots? Then you're in the right place...Hi, I'm THE Crazy James, and if you bring me a shot of whiskey, I'll happily play you the best damn freebird you've ever heard!


Insanity In The Homestead

Hey everyone, long time, no update! I want to make sure you all check out my good friend Allie Davis! She made my roomey take a Beyonce quiz, and it's gone NUTS!!!


FIF is rocking the Cleveberg hard!

My high school homies band, now called Falling Into Fire after an *ahem* campfire incident, has been rocking out hard and recording almost non stop back home in the 440! Check out thier Facebook, YouTube Channel, and New Website!


So I Guess I Have A Bar Now

Hi, friends! If you haven't heard, I'm running a new bar here in Oxford, called "The Corner," hit me up and check it out!


Undatable Friend Lands A Hot Date

I just want to extend a quick congrats to my friend Rick Glassman for landing a role on the new show, "Undateable"!


Elysium Vids Online!

Aloha, porch crew and super tough guys alike! I FINALLY got around to uploading the first four Elysium songs to YouTube! Without further delay, here they are:



Be Afraid

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