Don't believe
What you're told
There's a little secret
That I'm trying to expose
Check your mail
Don't use your phone
Be afraid, be very afraid
When you're all alone
'Cause we have you inside the fear zone

And I hope that you can sleep
When it's time for bed
Because the only peace that's left
Is found inside your head
And if we only knew
What's left to do
Then we can only change
The things that stay the same

I can see that
They're waiting out front
You've waited too long to run
I can see that they're coming for you
You've been a bad boy
What are you gunna do
'Cause this game
Just isn't fun
Just isn't fun
Just isn't fun


Use a q-tip, a shoestring
A toothpick, or your finger
'Cause this is the band
And I am the singer
In a dark place you will now walk with no fear
Because for the last hour
ELYSIUM has been
inside your ear.