Crazy James - Live Acoustic Covers

Hello! My name is James Wenstrup, better known as Crazy James (yes there's a story behind it, no I can't legally tell you), and I am an entertainer.

I play over 650 popular cover songs ranging from classic rock to pop to country, in a high-energy, crowd centric show - perfect for bars, restaurants, parties, and other events! My goal is to make sure everyone in the audience is having the best time they possibly can.

The best part? I'm currently open for booking! If you're interested, please contact me!

I also host trivia nights, bar bingo, karaoke, and more, check out Four Points Entertainment for info!

Highlights, Friends, and Partners

New Highlight Video
Be sure to check out my newly uploaded highlights reel on my media page.

Plaid Sandwich
My close friends singer M.J. Siegel, and guitarist Cary Crichlow play a variety of popular cover songs from the 90s through today!

Four Points Entertainment
My company that handles entertainment of many forms: bands, trivia nights, bar bingo, beer and wine tastings, and more!

News and Updates

2021.10.28 Three New Videos, and a Halloween Show

There are two videos from my recent show at Merry Arts online and a vid with Plaid Sandwich on my media page, and I added a last minute HALLOWEEN show to my schedule!

2021.08.05 Added Some Pictures

Today I added a Pictures Page with a few promo pics from over the years. Hopefully I'll be able to add to this in more of a gallery format over time. Enjoy!

2021.06.17 New Recording of an Old Song Online

No Place To Go
An original song I wrote back in like 2005, recorded today at RCR Recording, and uploaded to youtube.

2021.06.09 New Highlights Video from an O'Pub Show

A three minute highlight reel from my dad's cell phone from my COVID-era show at O'Pub (hence everyone sitting down) on Oct 24th last year:

2021.03.05 DOUBLE UPDATE: More studio time and...

So a few months ago I uploaded some songs from back in my Elysium days to a hidden page on this site. That page is hidden no longer. I've uploaded what I have been able to dig up so far from my old computers, including lyrics, and a BUNCH of old recordings. So take a look around.

ALSO: tomorrow I'm heading into The Studio with MJ (a.k.a the SquirrelMaster) to do some quick tracks. Keep eyes and ears open!

Stay frosty, -J.

2020.12.17 Gettin older, Laying down new tracks of old songs

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me....Celebrating with a new guitar and....oh...whats that? ALSO BACK IN THE STUDIO!!! Keep an eye and two ears out for some new tracks featuring myself and Mr. Kevin McHugh complements of RCR Recording. Maybe SOMETHING good can come out of this year...

2020.09.10 A Shout-Out

If you haven't heard it yet, chack out my boi Cameron, a.k.a. Abylon's new track: Livin' High!

OLD, BUT: Elysium "Vids" Online!

Aloha, porch crew and super tough guys alike! I FINALLY got around to uploading the first four Elysium songs to YouTube! Without further delay, here they are:

The 'videos' that are on youtube (just audio with a nice picture of Marcus):



Be Afraid

Music Transportation

Many more recordings from the Elysium days are now online here!

Hire me, Please!

Want someone to come rock out your bar, party, or other event? Well shoot me an e-mail at CrazyJamesMusic(a)!

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